Friday, April 29, 2011

May Baskets

Hi y'all! Did you make May baskets as a child and hang them on the neighbor's door, knock and then run like crazy so they wouldn't know who had left them?
I suppose that old tradition has long since been forgotten by most, but I still like to make May baskets. I just don't knock and run anymore.  :)

Since Sunday is May 1st... May Day, I started thinking of ideas for May baskets to give to friends and neighbors, anonomously, of course. lol

At first I thought of the traditonal ones with the basket made of paper in a cone shape, but couldn't find any paper in the house that was strong enough...or pretty enough, so... on to plan B.
I have a little basket I'd painted white, so I decided to use that.
I chose flowers from the garden that are in bloom... well, two days ago. I lined the basket with a little baggie and put in a piece of oasis to keep them fresh.

Here's the one I made that's more "traditional" in it's look.
Oh, and of course, I tied a bit of ribbon around it.

You can see I really had a good bit in bloom in the garden.

Then I started thinking of ways I could make a basket if I didn't have a garden or wanted to do something a bit less traditional.
If I bought small plants at the garden center, I could make little pots to be placed on the doorsteps of the recipient instead of hanging them on the door knob.

These I made with succulents from the garden center and using pots I already had. Then I tied a bit of webbing and string around two of them just to gussy them up a bit.

They're sitting in a basket I got today at a yard sale. You'll see that in another post.

My mind began to think of all sorts of containers. So many things could be used... small tin cans, teacups,  anything that suits your fancy and would hold flowers.

This little creamer holds three little Toad Lily plants from the shade garden.
This is a fun way to share plants with a gardening friend.

 An empty tea tin, tied with a little ribbon, holds Basil plants for the person who likes to cook with herbs.

So you see the possibilities are endless. 
I'm sure you have loads of ideas for May baskets.

What do you think?  Do you like the more traditional one or the more "contemporary" ones?

Wishing you all a lovely May Day Sunday... May 1st .

           Thanks for stopping by, I always enjoy your visits.

Monday, April 25, 2011

The Man Cave aka Hubby's Music Room

A couple of years ago, after Hubby retired, he began expanding his love of music with guitars, a keyboard, speakers, amplifiers, etc. etc.

Sorry I don't have a "before" photo of the room but, believe me, it wasn't anything you'd probably want to see anyway.

Since the room is visible from the downstairs hallway and family room, I gently suggested that maybe it could look a little bit better.

Hubby agreed and accepted the challenge to decorate it on a budget. He did all the decorating himself with only a couple of small suggestions from me. After all, it is his  room.
Working mostly with what we had, this is now "the music room".
Enter here:

Ta Da!

Most of the electronic equipment was black, so I suggested red accents... which we had lots of anyway.

Our son did this painting as an art project when he was in college. It's quite large and needed to stay here since there was no other place to hang it.
 Fortunately, it has black and red in it.

Hubby's beloved resophonic guitars.

 Hubby made this long  table for a music stand.

He bought frames at Michael's to showcase some of his old albums and 45s.

This bookscase holds a tv to view instructional videos and other electronic equipment.
He used two office chairs that could be moved or swiveled for use when he has other guitar players visiting.
The couch is for the audience . lol

Hubby's accordian from 5th grade.
He doesn't play that anymore, for which I'm thankful. :)

His little table top vignette. The red square table  used to be the base for our Christmas tree. Hubby made that, too.

The bookcase on the right houses his CDs, old running trophies and little mementos.

In all, I think he spent about $100, mostly for the frames and wood for his music stand. We already had everything else.

Believe it or not, this is the way it looks ALL the time. I don't move anything or clean in there!
 He does that all himself.
Hubby's a neat guy, in more ways that one. lol

 What do you think? Did he do ok?

Hubby and I will be joining these great parties below:

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style for Wow Us Wednesday


 and with Sherry @ No Minimalist Here for Open House Thursdays.

 See you there and thanks for stopping by. It's always great to see you.


Friday, April 22, 2011

In the Garden

It's starting to get really warm here in Georgia, and I''m hurridly trying to get the gardening done before the temps get any higher.

Here are a few photos I took last week, before "Blogger breakdown".

Here's my little "Miss Kim" lilac. She's about 4 ft. high and wide and has bloomed herself silly this year. She sulked for the last two years, but this year she's really showing off.

Here's the blazing-hot-in-the-summer deck. This is part of the upstairs/downstairs of my house.
The grey part at the bottom is the granite outcropping that runs all behind and under the house.

George Tabor azalea, my favorite.

Chinese fringe tree, a native in our area.

Shrub rose, whose name I've forgotten.

Oak leaf hydrangea about to bloom.

The tool shed  has a little veggie garden started in front. I'll show you more of that as it progresses.

I'm hurrying to get this posted before the photos disappear. I'm using a different server/browser (?) and so far the previews are showing photos.
 Cross your fingers that this is a answer to the problem.
Thank all of you for your  encouragement. I really appreciate it.
 Hugs to all of you and thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Breakfast "Friends"

So many of you have beautiful Spring and Easter tablescapes and vignettes which I'm thoroughly enjoying.
Our son is grown and married; and his family lives out of state. I used to decorate for Easter, but over the years, I've gotten rid of all the bunnies, chicks, and Easter decorations.

Although we will enjoy Easter with my aunt and cousins, I'm wishing our grandson (and of course our son and DIL) could be here for Easter.
Grandson is almost 3 years old now and expecting a little brother in June.

Debbie @Confessions of a Plate Addict was my inspiration with her recent post, A French Child's Table Revisited. Thanks, Debbie.

I have several Hummel figures that belonged to my mom and MIL; and although I never display them, I think they are so sweet. 
So I'm pretending that our grandson will be here for breakfast...

...and I'll set a special little table for him by the French doors in the family room.

For a table, I covered a bench with a cloth and used the little rocking chair that has been our family for four generations. The cushion is made from an old torn quilt that was my Granny's.

The little plate with carrots and cabbages remind me of The Tale of Peter Rabbit. The German spoon and pusher were a baby gift for our son when he was born.

The pusher has a rabbit and hedgehog on the handle...

...and the spoon, a fox and goose.

I used my husband's baby cup, although Grandson will probably think he's too big for that. lol

Don't you just love the sweet faces on the Hummel "friends"?

Oh, I just realized.  I do have bunnies.

And of course, lambs.

 The little boy almost looks like he's kissing the lamb, and look how the other one is looking up at them.

 An old creamer holds flowers from the garden. Woodland phlox, deutzia, and wild strawberry. The wild strawberry even has a bloom.
I know the wild strawberry is a weed, but it's so pretty, I like to use it in arrangements.

Wishing you all an blessed Easter with family and friends.
Thanks for stopping by. I always love seeing you and appreciate your sweet comments.

I'll be joining Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday.
See you there.

Between Naps On The Porch