Friday, January 27, 2012

Pots Of Moss

Yay! The rain has stopped! 
This morning I went outside to look around the yard, and I noticed the moss was fresh and green from all that rain. I love moss and thought of pots of moss..yep, that's what popped into my head...Pots of Moss! Go figure!

I had a couple of small clay pots lying around under the deck, so I  scraped some moss from the yard with a metal spatula, filled the pots with potting soil, and arranged the moss on top.

I left them plain for a while, and then decided to decorate with a stone, and the smaller one with twigs. I really wish I had three pots the same size, but I didn't, so I just used what I had for today.

Since I had some extra moss, I put some in one of my little cabbage demitasse cups. The little blue flowers were blooming by the deck steps, and I tucked them in the center of the moss. I don't think they'll last too long since they were cut, but I love the look, and I'll enjoy them while they last.

 I just had to try the cup under the cloche, and it really looked like Spring, even though it's still January.

The little blue flowers are Georgia Blue Speedwell.

Another scrap of moss went into a votive holder from DT.

I "sacrificed" one of my heart shaped candies for the photo. 
Do you think the "20-second-rule" applies to candy on moss? Well, just to be on the safe side, I'll toss it in the trash later.
I hope you enjoyed my pots of moss. Do you think they'll grow? 

Y'all have a great weekend. Think Spring.

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Monday, January 23, 2012

January Hutch

It's been cold and rainy for several days, and I'm bored, so I decided to change up the breakfast room hutch. I still have the red transferware on it from Christmas, so I thought I'd leave it on for Valentine's Day! 
Wow, wasn't that a brilliant idea?  :)   Sometimes I surprise myself with ideas like that. 

Although I love winter white vignettes, I'm glad I left the red transferware on the hutch. It really warms up the kitchen on these cold days.

Here are a few close up shots...

Isn't this little white bulldog, with her basket of puppies, the cutest? 
I found her at a local antique mall. She isn't antique, but has that Staffordshire look that I love.

 The puppies have the sweetest little faces.

I don't have any large pieces of red transferware...yet. So, I stacked some smaller pieces in a basket, and filled in with old books and a little cheese board. 

I used an old wine box to hold a few things. The Christmas cactus is trying to bloom again, and has tiny buds on some of the leaves. I hope it'll get a few more blooms...but it probably won't happen.

I did go to Hobby Lobby today to see what was new, and found these heart shaped candies. They have flavors like cherry cheesecake, cherry cola, chocolate cherry, cherry daiquiri, and several others. Yum!
Would you like to try some? 

 Well, the weather may be bad, but we can always party. 

Oh! I almost forgot to show you a peek at a project I'm working, I'm NOT taking art classes. :)

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Winter Candle Tip

When Kelly @ The Essence of Home mentioned her love of candles,  it made me think of how much I love candles, and something I do with mine, mostly in the winter. 

I also LOVE the smell of coffee, so I use coffee beans as a filler in my candle holders. 

Not only is it visually smells soooo good!

Here, I used a real candle for "photographic purposes", but most of the time I use a flameless candle in the hurricane...for safety.

You can also use a little votive holder with the candle, as I do here.
Of course, I know you'd never leave candles unattended. :)

A one pound bag of coffee beans is enough for the large hurricane and the small square one.
Because I'm cheap thrifty, I buy the least expensive coffee beans I can find. I think these were about $4.50.
"Flavored" coffee beans, such as hazelnut, are lovely too, but usually more expensive.
It's really nice to come back from shopping and smell the fragrance of the coffee beans...even if there's no coffee brewing. 

Another thing I like is the color of the coffee beans used with cream colored or white candles.

Oh, sorry. Those aren't candles. I was going to photograph the shortbread cookies with a cup of coffee next to the candles...but someone ate the cookies before I took the other photo. 
Yum.. mmm. :)

Anyway, hope y'all like my Winter candle tip. 
It got "two thumbs up" from Hubby.
Hope y'all have a great weekend.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Serene Vignette

I found this statue in a thrift store the other day. It was lying down, way on the back of the shelf.
I'm not really sure if it's a statue of a saint, or of Christ, but either way, I liked it and brought it home. 

I also found the little celadon rice bowl the same day, and decided to put the statue and bowl on the foyer chest, with the candle and old Bible.

Do you love the chippy paint on it? 

I found two smooth stones in the garden, and put them in the bowl.

The old Bible, belonged to my great grandfather... 

...I found a little boutonniere pressed in the pages. I'd love to know when he wore it...perhaps my grandmother's wedding?

Somehow, the combination  of things felt very serene to me.
I hope it makes you feel the same way.

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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Basket Case

I've just about become a "basket case" trying to organize my entertainment/media center...what ever it's called these days.
I hoped to make it look and be more organized, so I decided to add a few baskets to hold some of the clutter from around the house...but mostly from the family room. 
I've been working on this, off and on, all week, and I'm still not quite happy with it. But, I thought, oh what the heck, I'll show it to you anyway.

This photo isn't the best because the sun was streaming in through the curtains.  Another New Year's resolution for me:  Learn more photography skills this year.

Anyway, here are a few close-ups to show you what I did.

Ok, no baskets on this shelf...I'm trying to use some of the "library" of books we have all over the house.

Just for fun, I added shipping tags with numbers to three of the baskets...sort of a PB-ish look. :)  
The #1 basket holds miscellaneous old books and some papers.

I put three silver vases on the cable box. It always stays warm, and Hubby say's "it has to breathe", no books or baskets on top of the cable box. I figured the vases couldn't hurt...could they?
The #2 basket holds Christmas books.

Candles and a roll of string are in this basket. Yes, I know this one doesn't have a number. The one in the center, top shelf doesn't either...don't want to over do it, right? 

Basket #3 holds more candles...and yes, I'm a candle nut.
Next are more books.
The chess board and playing pieces are on the bottom shelf, along with two Shaker boxes that hold checkers and playing cards.

A little galvanized basket holds 97 of the 100 tags I bought yesterday...I'm sure I'll use them later for another project...let me know if you want to borrow some.

I won't show you inside the doors, because there are lots of Christmas dishes on one side and photo albums, maps and misc. junk on the other. I didn't want to straighten everything to take a photo. That's for another day week.

I'm sure I'll do a lot more tweaking in the next few days. Now that slim profile tvs are the thing, I hope entertainment/media centers don't go out of style any time soon...where would I put all my stuff?
If you have any ideas how to make it look better, let me know. I'd love to hear them. 
Thanks for visiting, and hope y'all are having a great weekend.

Monday, January 9, 2012

You Asked For It

Remember the old tv program called "You Asked for It", where people would write in and ask for something they wanted to see on the program?
In my last post, when I showed you how I covered a bench with burlap...seen hereseveral of you asked what I was going to do with the "fun part" of the bag. Actually, at the time, I hadn't thought much about it.

A couple of  you suggested that I might make a pillow, so I started thinking of how to go about it.
The burlap is so thick and fibrous, I was afraid I'd ruin my sewing machine, soooo....
I thought maybe I could use Heat 'n' Bond tape on the sides, instead of sewing them.

Although the Heat 'n' Bond seemed to work ok, I decided to do a blanket stitch on the edges, to reinforce them, and add a little decorative touch. 

I had the jute twine, as well as the humongus needle to sew it with... I keep all kinds of junk things for projects which I might  want to do...sometime
I also found a big bag of poly fill when I was cleaning out the closets the other day, and used that for stuffing, instead of buying a pillow form.

This is the blanket stitching I used on the edge. Don't look too closely at it. Hand stitching is another gene I didn't inherit. 

Here's the "back side". Actually, this was on the front, but just folded over to make the back.  

Ta Da! What do you think?

... and here it is on the bench in the foyer.

Thanks to everyone for your nice comments on the bench makeover, and for y'all who encouraged me to find a use for the graphics/fun side of the bag..."You asked for it".  Hugs and thanks for the challenge.
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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Bench Makeover

Believe it or not, I've actually done a project!! Whoo hoo!
Don't get too's only a little project, and one that I've been wanting to do for a some time.
I wanted to use this old vanity bench in the entry next to the chest, but the fabric was really old and the wrong color.

I've been looking for a neutral linen-y fabric, but hadn't been able to find the right color and/or the right price.
So, wanting to get the bench seat covered, I used what I had.

This burlap bag came from GW last year, when I thought I'd use it for something, but put it away, and forgot about it.
I'm not a huge fan of burlap, but it was only $1, so what could I lose? 
I cut it apart, used the back since it was plain, added a layer of polyester batting and stapled it to the seat...sorry, I didn't get photos of that part...I was wrestling with power tools, the mess from the burlap fibers, and completely forgot to take photos.

What do you think?

Here it is with two pillows that I got at Home Goods. 
I can't decide if they're too big for the bench. 
Maybe a long pillow would be better? Hmmm. 

But for now, I'm happy with the look.

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