Friday, August 31, 2012

Beach Time

We just got back from the South Carolina coast and a little beach time with our adult kids and grands. Even though our end of Summer beach trip was fun, we spent a lot of time watching the Weather Channel, and sending good thoughts and prayers for those with homes and loved ones in the path of Isaac.

Here's a gorgeous early morning view from our 20th floor balcony...I was holding on to the railing...and my camera...for dear life. :)  I'm a nervous nellie when it comes to heights.

We did the typical fun things, like strolling the boardwalk and checking out all the things to see and do...

...Tsunami zone? Uh...ok...moving on...

...fins to the left...fins to the right...early supper at LandShark Bar and sandwiches, shrimp baskets and burgers. Yum!

Speaking of's one of the shark's teeth I found on the beach. We guessed it was over an inch and a quarter long. We also found two others, but forgot to take a photo before "B" put them in his back pack to take home.

There was lots of time for our DIL and 4 yr. old to play in the water...

...and 15-month-old to stroll with Daddy, and look for sea shells.

We enjoyed shelling and looking for shark's teeth. Just look at some of the shells the grands found for us to take home. LOL, and these are the "pretty" ones.

Well, it's almost time to put away the beach towels and flip flops. Fall will be here soon.
Y'all have a great Labor Day weekend!

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Summer Postcards

Postcards...does anyone send them any more? I think the last one I sent, or received, must have been in the '70s. It was so much fun receiving a postcard from a friend who was on vacation. 
I have a collection of old postcards, brochures and ticket stubs that I get out around this time of year...sort of a trip down memory lane...

...I like to set them out on a tray in the family room, and maybe add a couple of shells or stones from the beach. 
A lot of the cards are really old, and were sent to my grandmother by friends and family, who loved to travel.

One of my favorites is this one showing ladies in their "bathing costumes"...actually, the lady on the right is my great aunt, Mattie. Can you imagine swimming in those outfits? Not only are they wearing hats, but stockings. I'll bet that was a whole lotta fun.

Here's a brochure from the time Hubby and I went to Hawaii...way back in the late '60s.

The perfect outfits to wear in Hawaii...a plaid sport coat for him, and a linen dress and gloves for her...can you say..."HOT"? 

Moving down to Florida...the card with the swimming pool reminds me of the movie, Where the Boys Are. Do y'all remember that one? Gosh, I'm telling my age...LOL

Here I am in my swim suit, having the time of my life in Florida...just kidding, it's not me.

I hope y'all have great Summer vacation memories.
I'm taking a short blog break, and sending you greetings from Atlanta, Georgia. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Topiary Bargain!

Just thought I'd let y'all know...I just came back from my local WalMart. They had nice, large, real Eugenia topiaries for, what I think, is a great price...

They're about 50-55 inches tall, according to my guesstimate...I'm 5'2" and they came to about the middle of my forehead...if that helps you figure out how tall they are.  
Don't know if every store carries them, but if you're a topiary lover like I am, check them out...and no, I'm not getting paid for telling y'all this. It's just 'cause I'm such a bargain hunter, and I love to spread the word...LOL

Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

I went outside this morning to snap a few pics of the yard to share with you...but I must warn you...Critter Alert!!

The Leucothoe is getting new growth...that's good...

...and it looks like a bumper crop of hickory nuts this fall...that's 
good for the squirrels...

...then, I walked near the drive way...
...yikes...a snake...that's bad...but it's dead...that's good...see the little teeth marks in it's middle?...Someone brought us a "present"...

...good kitty for catching the snake...

...this is "Newbie"...she's feral, but we named her.

Moving on...I walked out to the veggie patch and noticed something eating the tomatoes...

...bad tomato worm!.. it ruined two tomatoes... so I picked it off the plant and left it for the birds' breakfast...ick...

Well, if you're still with me after that...
here are a couple of good pics...

...the vinca and lantana reseeded themselves from last year, even 
though we pulled up all the plants last Fall...

The crape myrtles and knock outs are looking pretty good...just don't look at the you can see...
I have a few projects to work on this Fall...

...out by the shed, the paint on the chairs has come off, and they're just flat out UGLY!!
I'll have to sand and prime looks like I need to scrub the shed porch, too. 
Hugs, and come on over if you feel the urge to paint, clean or catch critters... :)

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I Keep Saying...

I  keep saying I'm not going to buy any more blue things for the house. I mostly use Fall colors, and buying blue things causes me to have to buy something else to go with it. You know how it buy a top in a great new color, and then you have to buy shoes and jewelry, because you don't have anything to go with the top...

But, this morning it was senior day at GW, and when I saw these two Sarah's Garden Wedgwood plates...$1.43 for both of them, I just couldn't say "no"... I started scrounging the house and shed to see what I could find to make a tablescape. I already had a set of Copeland Spode plates which sort of work, even though there isn't any blue in them...

...each plate has different flowers, and I chose these with the dahlias. The first one is called a single dahlia and this one is just called "dahlias".

 I also found this oval container at GW, this morning...$1.21 minus 25%...only 91 cents...cha ching!  

I kept the green placemats from my last post, and found a few faux flowers from last Fall...

...I got this pitcher with my birthday gift card from World Market...back in April...I don't think I've shown it before. It's little raffia cover unbuttons and comes off so it can be washed...

...I already had two Bordallo Pinheiro leaf plates and some April Cornell napkins...  

...I didn't have to buy anything to go with the plates, and for a grand total of $2.48, I don't feel too badly about buying more blues.

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Saturday, August 11, 2012

August Bouquets

There isn't a lot blooming in my garden right now, but I wanted to make a bouquet for the breakfast table... I walked the yard looking for colors of plants that would work together...I picked  Sedum Matrona and Autumn Joy, two kinds of Loropetalum, a couple of hosta leaves and some Indian Hawthorne. 

That should do for it for the breakfast table...I also found what looks like a weed...

...I'm not really sure what it is...the leaves and stems are fuzzy...a bit like oregano, or maybe pentas... 

...I popped it into a little canning jar...

...and put it on the hutch., I'm ready for breakfast. Who's cooking?
Hugs, and have a great Sunday,

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Monday, August 6, 2012

Odd Vignette

I didn't plan for this vignette to be just sorta turned out that way.

I have a transferware plate with a scene from David Copperfield...

... one of those odd pieces I picked up at the antique mall...

...and one of my favorite sedums...Ogon.
The odd thing about Ogon is, that it doesn't like full sun, but prefers some afternoon least in the South.

Last, I added a dried artichoke. Three odd things, I know, but I can change it around tomorrow if it's making me crazy.
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This Is So Me...

I ran across this quote and got such a giggle from it, that I just had to share it with you. It is so "me". :)

Decorate your home. It gives the illusion that your life is more interesting than it really is.
Charles M. Schulz... creator of Peanuts

Happy Monday!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Yard Sale

We got up at 5am yesterday, to have a yard sale at our house...I'd rather go to yard sales, than have them, but we had so many "treasures" we  had to have a clear out. 
We kept watching the weather earlier in the week, and finally decided to have it on Friday. Then, Tuesday, we noticed a sign at the end of our street indicating the the roads department was coming to pave our street on Wednesday and any cars parked along the street would be towed.
 Ok, no problem, that won't bother the yard sale. Well, Wednesday came and went, and no road crew.They were still working in the next subdivision. So, I called the county road dept. and asked about it...A nice man called and said I could go ahead and have the yard sale, that they wouldn't get to our street till Monday; and, they took down the sign.
Before I lose y'all with this story, let me show you a couple of photos I managed to get before we were overrun with yard salers...

...extra plants from the garden...

...some old things...

...probably some things you might recognize from earlier posts... can see by the thermometer, at 7am..the temperature was pretty nice...and yep, that's a potty pot on the I "inherited".

Now, back to the story. Our first customer arrived at 7:15, and by 8am, we had cars parking all along both sides of the street. Things were going great! 
By lunchtime, we had really made a huge dent in things. Gone were the chest of drawers and cedar chest, garden tutor, weed wacker,  boxes of old books, tools, a piece of exercise equipment, a big ol' rug, and tons of other miscellaneous stuff.
I made a couple of sandwiches; and we sat under the crape myrtles for lunch.
About 1:30, a road paving truck stopped. I walked to the end of the drive way to see if they were just checking things out.
Oh, no! They wondered if it would be a problem if they started on our street in a couple of hours...around 3 or 3:30.  The lady worker said she couldn't get in touch with the scheduler to say when they would be finished with the other subdivision, but she'd come back, and let me know before they started on our street. O-kay!
Lunch over, yard sale traffic picked up again. Then, a little after 3 o' guessed it...the whole road crew shows up and starts laying asphalt! Finally, by 3:30, we gave up and Hubby took down the yard sale signs. I was hot and tired, and actually happy to call it a day.
We had a hugely successful yard sale, and met lots of new friends.   All in all, it was a great day. I'm happy...and hoping this is the last yard sale we ever have.

Hugs, and have a great weekend,

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