Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Christmastime in April and other thrifting finds.

This past week was thrifting time; and I found so many things I want to show you. 
I was in a slump for a while, but lately I'm having great luck thrifting. Whoo Hoo!

I nearly fell over my cart trying to get to these at Goodwill.

Christmastime by Nikko and only $8.98 for service for 4 plus, it was Senior Day, so an additional 25% off.  I couldn't believe they were just sitting there.  These are in perfect condition. They don't look like they've ever been used.

I just love the footed cup...

...and the octagonal shape of the plate.  You'll be seeing these in my Christmas tablescapes for sure.

Here are a few other things I found recently at the local antique and thrift stores.

  Can you believe this little majolica pitcher was only $3.99?  I don't know what I'll do with it yet, but I love it.

The little oil painting of roses in a yellow pitcher was only $14.99!  

The retriever is on the shelf in the office for the time being. 

What do you think? Awfully traditional, I know, but then so am I.

The three books to the left of the retriever are actually a box.

Here it is with a toile printed trash basket, I found at GW along with a mirror.

I'm trying to decide if I want to leave it black or paint it Heirloom White like Linda at Nina's Nest used on her beautiful French chair makeover in her guest room.

So much to play with and I should be working in the garden. 
Here are some of the things blooming in my garden right now. This is my back yard and please don't look at the weeds. I much prefer blogging to weeding.


 Part of the shade garden. The metal chairs used to sit on my grandmother's porch.

One of my favorite hostas, Dawn's Early Light. It will get much larger and stays this bright chartreuse until late summer. It really brightens a shady area.
We've started planting the veggie garden and I'll show you that later when things are a little farther along.

Thank y'all so much for stopping by.
 ~ Babs


Vintage Gal said...

What fabulous treasures you found and your blooms are absolutely gorgeous~! ;-)

Sarah said...

Babs, you Atlanta girls have the best luck Goodwill hunting. Fabulous finds! I'd be happy to have any one of these, but I think the toile trash basket is my favorite. ;-)
~ Sarah

Sarah said...

Me again. I forgot to mention all those beautiful garden pics. Thanks for sharing the beauty. ~ Sarah

Ann from On Sutton Place said...

Hey Babs...my Goodwill is totally lame compared to yours! The little pitcher is my favorite. I have quite a few hosta because my neighborhood is fairly shady. Aren't they beautiful when they first come up? Seems every summer something eats away at my leaves and they end up looking sort of chewed...happy gardening! ~Ann

Beverly@southernhomesweethome said...

Wow you did have a great time.. Beautiful finds. I love your garden.. So many pretty things.

Pat said...

It is so nice to see all the flowers! You have a pretty area around those lawn chairs. Look forward to more outdoor posts. You must be the one I see with a cart full of good stuff, and nothing on the shelves. I am always about 5 minutes late to the good stuff! Great job! LOL


Martha said...

Great finds -- love that little pitcher as well -- I can see a wee bouquet in it!!!!

Beautiful garden -- what weeds!

Donna said...

Babs, I guess you've been lucky lately! Fantastic finds! And I love the chairs that used to belong to your grandparents.

Is that a Don Austen framed print hanging on the wall next to the computer hutch? I actually found one thrifting that is so similar! It's a different scene than yours (English countryside and church), but the style is recognizable.

I love your bright green hosta. We have so much shade in our little yard. I'm definitely going to be putting in more hostas this year.

Have a great week!... Donna

Blondie's Journal said...

You made a killing thrifting this week, Babs! The Nikko dishes are just beautiful...I often thought I'd like to collect this pattern for holiday dishes. Very pretty. And I like the mirror, too, it would look really nice dressed in white! ;-D

Your yard is so serene in it's woodland setting, I envy you. Your clematis is gorgeous, my husband has the green thumb with climbing vines, but I am going to give clematis another try this spring. I love hostas also, they come in so many pretty shades of green. I can't wait to hear about your vegetable garden! Isn't this a wonderful time of year?!

Thanks so much for stopping by...you have a new follower!


Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

you did great...looks like it was worth the drought you were in!

Lana Kim White Austin said...

You got some AWESOME finds--and I'm very traditional, too~!!!

And your outdoor pics/flowers/greenery are fabulous, too!!

thanks so much for stopping by my blog--my parents lived in Germany and described the same phone scenario!!!!

Yes, it's very humbling living here--but wonderful despite the problems!

MANY blessings to you this week,

Richard Cottrell said...

This is a good time to find Christmas things at a very good price. I love your garden, I would like to see more. The toile waste can is my favorite, as I just love,love,love anything TOILE.Richard at My Old Historic House

Janet said...


My parents address is:

Ray and Ruth Bishop
22 Charles Street
South Burlington VT 05403

if you care to send a belated card.
Thanks so much. I love the Dawns Early Light Hosta, it's new to me and I will look for one to add to Hosta Cottage's grounds :)

On Crooked Creek said...

You're certainly getting the thrifty finds this past week. Love the dishes and all those goodies; however I'm truly smitten with your oil rose painting!!! I didn't see one weed in that garden. Thank you for the tour!

Donna@Conghaile Cottage said...

Oh My, I "LOVE" your new goodies! LOVE,LOVE,LOVE that cute little pitcher. It doesn't have to do ANYTHING but be SO Beautiful!!! Ah, would it go with my new Majolica strawberry plate in my LAST post!!!We'll have to get together and have a teaparty, hehe!
The flowers are GORGEOUS...We are not this far along here in Connecticut "YET". BUT my forsythias are READY to explode, then it "All Begins"!!!
Have a wonderful week,

Debbie said...

Your flowers are simply beautiful! I'm trying to capture all the beautiful blooms around here with both pictures and the mind's eye before they are gone.

You got some wonderful treasures at the GW. The Christmas dishes alone made it worth the trip. The rest is gravy on the taters.

I'm looking for a mirror in that style for my half bath. I think it would look good black or heirloom white.


Oh Babs...you really did great shopping, such terrific buys! I too would've grab the Xmas china inmediately!!! Everything else is great too,, I love them all. Yeah, maybe I would paint the mirror white like Linda's, I love the top of it. Well, your garden is gorgeous, the flowers are blooming beautifully and I can't even see you haven't worked on it!
Thank you for your visit and for liking my "spring dogs" too!

Betty said...

Well, to start with your garden is gorgeous and you are so far ahead of us in Maryland. What a shopper you are. We could get in real trouble together....that is evident. Love the hunting dog....reminds me of my dog as a child. Love the metal chairs....had those in our backyard as a child, too. Lots of charming finds! You are going to need a bigger house at this rate you know!!!!! Hope you have lots of good storage. LOL, Betty