Friday, July 8, 2011

Vintage Vacation Vignette

Do you love old photos? 
I do...especially when they tell a story.
I was looking in one of our many photo albums a couple of days ago and remembered these, and decided to make a little summer vacation vignette with this one.

The old camera has been in my family for as long as I remember and I thought it would be fun to use it in the vignette since it looks to be from about that era.

This photo is of my mother, and two of her cousins, on vacation in Tybee Island, Ga in 1937. Mom is on the right. Aren't their outfits cute?

Also, I found this one of the whole family...minus the cousin taking the photo.

They all traveled from Atlanta to Tybee Island in my great uncle's car... all 9 of them! 5 girls and their brother (poor thing) and my great aunt and uncle. I can't imagine how they all fit into the car, and where did they put the luggage?. 
The car with the trunk up must be theirs, since they're having a picnic.
 I love that my great uncle is wearing a straw hat and a tie, and one of the cousins is wearing a dress and heels. 

Here's a copy of an old postcard showing the beach and pavilion.


I can just imagine them dancing at the Pavilion.
What fun they must have had that summer!

Do you have any old photos?

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Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh what wonderful pictures. I love them and the story is so precious. 9 in one car, that does seem impossible, but then they were having fun. Their outfits are just fabulous. What a great vignette. I just love it. Hugs, Marty

Pamela said...

Oh lovely, lovely. I'm deep breathing just thinking of all those people in one car. Ha! It's just looks like so much fun.

Awesome old camera, too!

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

What a fun post this is! I love these old summertime pictures. Do you think maybe folks used to be more fun loving and carefree? There is always such a good feeling emanating from them. Your vignette with the camera is just wonderful!

Debbie said...

Yes, I DO Love old photos. I love the way you displayed this with the camera. That was the perfect touch.

I just hope that one day I don't find photos of me in a bathing suit gracing blogland. I didn't look as cute as your mom. LOL

I really like this.

Richard Cottrell said...

My Mother had boxes and boxes of old family photos. I had a lot reproduces and did a collage on a counter top in my bath room. I covered it with glass. Makes me smile to see me as a baby and my parents wedding photos while I get dressed. Thanks for sharing. Richard at My Old Historic House

Ann from On Sutton Place said...

You look like your beautiful mother...thanks for sharing the photos. It was a simpler time for sure. Have a nice Sunday!

Sarah said...

Fun post, Babs. I love vintage photos! You are fortunate to have that beauty of a camera. Makes a sweet addition to your vignette.

Linda (Nina's Nest) said...

Hi Babs, I LOVE those photos! Yes, the bathing suits are cute, and I enjoyed seeing the cars in the background of the picnic photo.
What treasures! I don't know what's going on, but I can't see my follower list at home...I can at my daughter's computer - crazy! Thanks for your comments on handwriting. I forgot about the sticky notes - good point! Linda

On Crooked Creek said...

I adore the old photos!!! To answer your question...yes!!! Part of the reveal for the second part of Updating The West Wing!!! have to keep it to yourself!

Emreen said...

Wow... Beautiful shots.... Love their dresses... !!! I love seeing through old photos..., hearing stories about them... !! Love the star fish and the old camera vignette... !!

Have a fab week !!

Pattie @ Olla-Podrida said...

Oh, Babs! What treasures these are. The photos look to be in excellent condition, too. Somewhere I have a camera that goes back to the 40s. I should dig it out and use it in a display. It's just too interesting to be tucked away. Thanks for the inspiration.

Lana Kim White Austin said...

I love, love, LOVE the vintage camera/photos!!

Yes, their outfits are sooo adorable!!!