Monday, April 9, 2012

'56 Chevy...Blast from the Past

I hope y'all had a great Easter. We went to Aunt Pat's house for lunch. There was a "passel" of cousins and a few "almost" cousins. 
We all carried a side dish or two...sweet potatoes, corn, deviled eggs...the usual. 

My aunt is 82, but you'd never know it. 
She is a great cook, makes everything from scratch, including biscuits and her locally famous pound cakes.

When we arrived, we were so surprised to see my mom's and dad's old  '56 Chevy parked in the driveway. 
My cousin's husband brought it for us to see now that he's finished restoring it. He bought it from Mom about 10 years ago, planning to restore it in his spare time.

Of course, the guys had to check out the engine...75,000 original miles on the odometer.
The guy on the right  is the one who restored the car, and Hubby is on the left.

I had forgotten how LARGE the steering wheel was.

This is the original steering wheel...18 inches in diameter!  It was like driving a bus...and NO power steering!
I'm sitting in the seat taking the photo, and you can see the circular silver part of the steering wheel...that's the horn. The part you hold to steer is outside of that.  

Several of us got a ride in it. You should have seen us looking for seat belts. No seat belts back in the '50s. 
Riding down the back road, I was remembering the good old days...HOT Sunday afternoons...wearing my poodle skirt and cardigan...and NO air conditioning...Oh yeah!

Here we cousin is on the right...her father restored the car. BTW, she's my first cousin, once removed...for y'all who count cousins that way. And I guess you figured out, that's me on the left.
Hope y'all have a great week.

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Kim @ French Country Antiques said...

What an awesome family heirloom! I can just see you now driving down the highway in that poodle skirt and cardigan!!! Great post!

Salmagundi said...

Loved seeing the car! I went to college in 1956 driving a '56 Chevrolet convertible in that color. Yes, I was a bit spoiled. What memories!! Thanks for sharing. Sally

Anonymous said...

What a beauty :) You know me I just love vintage cars.
This one looks absolutely fantastic and seems to be in good shape. I had a lovely and relaxing Easter.


Sue said...

Those were big, honkin' cars in the olden days, Babs! LOL The steering wheel would definitely present a challenge, being so large. And no power steering to help, either! Yikes... Glad you had a nice visit with the fandamily- once removed, or not! xo Sue

Richard Cottrell said...

My family had one just like this. In fact I learned to drive on it. Richard from My Old Historic House.

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

Oh Babs, does that bring back memories of the good old days in the 50's. I had the poodle skirts too, and remember riding on those hot summer days with no air conditioning. It's wonderful that your cousin's husband restored it and you got to ride in it.

On Crooked Creek said...

What a trip down memory lane!!! My sibling's first car was the the same color. Dad let me drive it and I could barely see over the steering wheel.( I must have been 11 years old at the time!) I remember backing it up and parking it in the street...nowadays I'd have been arrested, Dad, too ...for letting me drive without a license. Oh, dear's to the good 'ol days! Thanks for the memory!!!...and for sharing yours!!!

Kelly said...

Uh oh! Did you just date yourself? I believe you did! Ha! That is a beautiful old car. I wasn't even born then when those were out and about, but I know they are a very popular classic collectors item. It's even better that it has been in your family since the beginning!

Olive said...

It is a piece of art. The color is gorgeous.

An Oasis in the Desert said...

That sounds like a truly wonderful day! How fun that you cousin brought the car & you had the opportunity to drive down memory! I think those times were easier, even without power steering!

Marigene said...

Gorgeous vintage car!

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Cool car. I will have to show hubby.

Pam Kessler said...

Very cool car. I even love the color of it. My first car was a 60 something Impala and it had the same type of dashboard - hard and unforgiving.

Lynn said...

How fun! The car is beautiful and it sounds like you had a great Easter:@)

Carlene @ Organized Clutter said...

I love vintage, cars included! It would be a fun car to own but maybe not to drive (no power steering, probably no air). The front of that car goes on forever. Plenty under the hood! You are looking great too, Babs!

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

Fabulous car and great that a family member is restoring it...means so much is a beauty!!

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

How fun to see your Mom and Dad's car restored! I am sure it did bring back some wonderful memories, what a treat.

Alycia Nichols said...

I have never understood the "once removed" and "twice removed" part of all that. My extended family uses those terms, and I just nod as if I know what they're talking about...but I don't! :-) Beautiful automobile!!!! Truly a classic! Kudos to the very patient and talented gentleman who put his time and attention toward its restoration. A little bit of the past will be in this world a bit longer!

Debbie said...

I can't believe how wonderful it looks! I know my own dad would have loved to do something like that. Just looking at that car sort of take me back to a better place, if that makes sense.

Pam - @diy Design Fanatic said...

What a beautiful car!What a beauty.

Curtains in My Tree said...

How fun was that ?

you look so cute standing besides it even today I can see you in your poodle skirt, I always wanted one of those when I was a kid

Sarah said...

Babs, this is a darling photo. How wonderful that your cousin kept the car in the family and restored it. My niece and her husband have one of these sitting in their garage. ;-) It belongs to them now!
~ Sarah

Mr Paul said...

Thats an amazing car Babs, your cousin's husband has done a great job at restoring it. Sounds like you had a great lunch. Paul