Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tiny Guest Bedroom

This post should really be titled, Teeny Tiny Guest Bedroom, and Can Somebody Help Me, Please?

For a long time, I've wanted to do something different in this room.
Since we don't often have guests, I'm really bad to use it as a catch-all for projects I'm working on, and most of the time, I leave the ironing board up in there.
But, I thought I'd show you anyway, and maybe it'll motivate me to do something different with it.

The room is a tiny 10 x10, and the furniture has to stay...for now.

The bed and tables are "family pieces"...also known as "odds and ends"... 
...so, gotta work with what I have. 
Forget about painting the furniture; Hubby would have a fit.

For some reason, the room looks larger in the photo, than in "person". It could be that I'm standing in the hall to photograph it. The walls look white, but they're actually cream. 
Do you think I should paint them darker?

I like the bird picture, however, I've been shopping around for something larger, to put over the headboard. 

The bed is part of the set my mom and dad bought when they got married. 
Oh gosh, don't look at the wrinkly throw on the bed, and the stuff on the floor.

The drum table is another "family piece", and so's the little stool  holding the magazines.  
Tell me, would you use a round tablecloth on the drum table, and get rid of the stool? 

This wall just has this picture, and then, the door is to the right. 
I've had the picture for years, and I'm ready for it to go.

I put a lantern with a faux candle, on this side, to use for a night light...just a little something different than the lamp on the other side. 

For fun I used a chamber pot to hold gardenias and ivy. The "bedside table" is actually my mom's old sewing machine. 
Here's a closer look at it...

Yikes!...the reality of it all is this...I moved everything from the bed to the floor, so I could take the photos. 
We're getting ready for a yard sale in a couple of weeks, and this is just a tiny bit of stuff I'm thinking of putting out. 

What I didn't show you is the other side of the room, but in a 10 x10 room, what can I put on the other side of the room...
...besides the ironing board?  
I'd love it if y'all would give some suggestions for how to make this room better...I know...first thing...clean up all the junk on the floor and take down the ironing board. :)

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Thanks for visiting. I'm looking forward to your suggestions.


Donna@Conghaile Cottage said...

"I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE the room". It's cozy and inviting. I MUST SAY I'm with your Hubby on the furniture NOT BEING PAINTED. I'm a WOOD PERSON,hehe...AND Now PLEASE rescue the pillow on the side of the bed from your sale. LOOK GOOD at it and it pulls the dark wood colors into you whites. LOVE IT!!! I also love the pillows you have on the bed(it's one of my VERY VERY FAVORITE color prints. I wish I had SHEETS with that print!
Thank you for sharing...
Now, I'd LOVE to take a nap on your gorgeous bed!!!
Have a fun week,

Blondie's Journal said...

I really think it is a lovely room, Babs! Maybe a comforter with a pattern and a grouping of prints above the bed would lend more character. Your furniture is very much like our bedroom set and I love it!

I love that you kept it real!! :)


Kelly said...

I wouldn't worry about the size of your room. Most people only sleep in a guest room anyway. It would be different if it was a childs room with lots of toys. I think adding some color to your drapes would be a good thing. Either add some trim that matches the blue in the floral pillows on your bed or replace them altogether with blue drapes that match (if you can match it pretty close). Then I would add some wall lamps on each side of the bed. The kind that have the arms that stretch out so you can direct the light where you want it and have cream or white shades. That's my two cents worth of suggestions. Ha! I don't even have a guest room, so I'm not really the expert.

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh, that's the same size as my guest bedroom that I just redid. It is hard,but I think you have a fabulous start. I would love to see the walls painted a soft shade of the blue/green that is the background color of your floral bed pillows. Such a gorgeous print. I also like the idea of a grouping of prints above the bed. I like a little bling too, so how about some antique brass lamps that fit the style of the bed. Can't wait to see what you come up with. Hugs, Marty

Sunflowers With Smiles said...

Love the furniture as is, so beautiful. I would paint a soft blue or green on walls....Perhaps change lamp....

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Babs, this is such a pretty guest room. Love the furniture and don't blame you for not painting it. I think a very soft pink or coral would be pretty on the walls. Maybe find a striped fabric for the drapes in the pale blues, greens and pinks with some pretty trim. Hang some woven wood shades behind the drapes and hang it all high. Love the idea of sconces on both sides of the bed. Maybe do an arrangement of ironstone plates and platters or transferware over the bed.

Olive said...

The pineapple bed is gorgeous. I would not go white with the walls but maybe a soft grey. A table cloth on the drum table would lighten that side. I like the bedding but I change up my bedding all the time as I sell vintage linens.


I love the intimate, cottage-y feel of this GR. What a coold idea with the lantern!
I've never seen anything as pretty as your "heap" of stuff at a garage sale...love that pillow!

Anonymous said...

I love your sweet room and love all of the 'family' pieces you're using. Had to laugh at the back side of your bed - I poke stuff too where no one can see it!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Terri said...

I love love love your color choices in the pillows! I can envision some pastel colored plates or platters that pick up those colors arranged in a grouping on the wall over the headboard. That bed would look awesome painted and distressed but sometimes we just have to cave, don't we? :)

Sarah said...

Babs, I think this guest room is charming. Love the furniture just the way it is. First off, I'd pull that floral pillow back out of the garage sale stack, use it on the bed with the other two florals and behind the lovely linen monogram pillow. If you are going to paint the walls, I'd pull out the coral or dusty pink of the flowers in the blue pillows, which by the way, are gorgeous. I wouldn't cover the round table with a cloth, but use a pretty tray on top to corral things. That would give it a different look than wood without hiding the pretty details of the apron and legs. Leave the stool and add a plant atop the magazines to balance the height. I think a hanging shelf rack would be pretty above the bed with light sconces on either side ( or not). Then add some of your dishes to the shelves and mix in other elements if your want. I'm looking for a hanging shelf to go above the bed in one of my guest rooms. Right now I have a three hook horizontal hat rack with three straw hats, but want a change. You could hang the bird picture on the wall between the window and the corner. Another small picture could hang low between the bed and the lamp table.
That's my 2¢ for what it's worth. ;-)
~ Sarah

sweet violets said...

I am lovin this sweet room!!! I am going to echo the other comments.....I would NEVER paint worthy wood furniture....I know its the craze right now and its okay if the piece is really junk!!!

I like the bird picture there and would put a plate or two on one side and an odd sconce or brass letter on the other side.....the drum table is beautiful as is the bed and stool.....I have the same bed in the twin size, stripped it years ago and waxed it, its still my fav!!! Try a brass lamp on the drum table with a smaller shade, like the idea of a tray or flat basket there, some flowers for softness......love the lantern and flowers on the sewing table...paint the room the background color of the blue pillows and yes.....for goodness sakes get that pillow off the floor and onto the bed!!! Shutters would be nice with a swag valence in a polka dot....the stool is precious, how about a basket of yarn??? Can I come stay??? hugs...cleo

Grammy Goodwill said...

I love your room and would enjoy being a guest in it. (Too pushy? hehehe) That bed is beautiful and so is your Mom's sewing machine chest. You are so fortunate to have pieces like those. I'll echo the other commenters about not painting them. I wouldn't cover the table because I think it looks like there is more space when the table legs and floor are visible.

Alycia Nichols said...

I'm going to admit right off the bat that I can be of absolutely no help whatsoever in helping you to make decisions about this room, Babs. I am one of those people who must "commune with" a space to know what to do! I will say, however, that I have guest bedroom that I'm guessing to be just about the same size, and I know what a challenge it can be. I have had to really play with it to get it just right with enough floor space to get around. My son stayed in that room for about a year after his breakup, and he seemed to do OK. I have since filled the closet and chest of drawers with linens. He will have to stay in a motel if he can't hold on to the current one! :-) I love how you "got real" with us. Thank you for that. It's nice to think that we all live in a perfectly perfect home day in/ day out, but the reality of it is that we LIVE in our homes. Most people can't afford a live-in staff to keep things pristine, so I think the majority of us are totally on board here!!!!! :-)

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

Babs you have such a pretty guest room and I love the light neutral wall color and the different furniture pieces you have in there. Do they sell the fabric or panels to match those pretty blue floral pillows? That would look beautiful on your windows with woven roman shades!! I love the bird picture you have over the bed, I would add plates around it. I would love to come and be a guest in this pretty room:)

Daniela @Frugal Aint Cheap said...

our 2 daughters sleep in a 10X10...when you have guests, they just need a place to sleep...they hopefully won't hang out in the bedroom. I would not go darker as far as color on the walls, you want to keep it light to make it look bigger. Also you might want to add a big mirror to reflect the light and to make the room feel bigger.

SavoringTime in the Kitchen said...

I hate giving decorating advise but I think I'd stick to a light color on the walls so the room doesn't look any smaller. You can always change the bedspread and pillows to add a little pop of color. I like a cozy room!

Carlene @ Organized Clutter said...

The drum table is so great! Love it! Also the bedding and pillows are perfect!

Unknown said...

I love the bed, I love the lanter with the fawx candle, I like the table and little stool,I guess I like the room. I like to add a little "junk" and memories, to a room so I would maybe hang a vintage window on the wall, or maybe add an old ladder to the decor... just add some little things you love and you'll love the room, have fun with it!

Liz@ HomeandGardeningWithLiz said...

My daughter's room that I took over for my office is the same size. It is a hard sized to work with but your room looks relaxed and comfy. I wouldn't decide on any wall color until you have decided on any bedding or accessory changes. I went with a light color because I wanted the room to reflect light as much as possible and hopefully feel as large as it could. So far I'm loving it. Your bedroom set is beautiful! I would never paint it, never! I get tired of pictures so I don't have problems with changing them out. Find your new look first and then the accessories.

On Crooked Creek said...

Your guest room is almost the same size as our guest room. I love, love, love the bed linens. Had you thought of putting the print of the child over the bed? The hues seem to be similar. Try the round table in the corner and your Mother's sewing machine cabinet as you enter the room. Those pieces are exquisite! You have such amazingly great taste this room will be stunning whatever you decide!

kim @ whitebarnbasics said...

Hi! This is my first time to your blog and I'm really enjoying it!Love your room and I love all the ideas from the comments above! I'm looking forward to following along, hope that's ok! I'll try to join in...what about some wicker or faux bamboo? Even if it's just in frames?
kim at whitebarnbasics.blogspot.com

Sharon @ mrshinesclass said...

The room is very inviting as it is. I agree with everyone about not painting the furniture. I also think everyone is right about putting the brown floral pillow on the bed behind the linen pillow. And a tray on the round table is a fine idea. I absolutely love the accessories on the old sewing cabinet. For above the bed, I like someone's suggestion of adding plates on either side of the bird print. There's also a trend in hanging mirrors or pictures above the nightstands and leaving the space above the bed blank. I think the little stool would look really cute right next to the bedside or at the foot of the bed. Unless you were painting the walls a soft blue or green, I would leave them cream.
I'd be happy to stay in that room anytime!

Maria Elena said...

Babs, the room is beautiful right now! I wouldn't change a thing! Love it!

Claudine from ReStory.ca said...

I LOVE your room just the way it is!!!! The only thing I would change is that picture with the little girl on the bed. I would get rid of that. Sorry we don't know each other but you asked, LOL!
I loved the little stool and the round table. If you could PAINT anything it that room, maybe the round table? I am scared of painting vintage pieces, like your mom's sewing machine... I think the room looks AWESOME, wall color, and the "chamber thingy"?? LOL!!! GREAT detail!

Debbie said...

OK, I managed to miss this post completely. I am having a doozy of a time with the newer dashboard. I should post some suggestion/help with THAT one...

As for your room, I'm not talented in decorating and tend to love furniture in its original glory.

I love the drum table, and I probably wouldn't want to cover it, but I guarantee someone with a better eye will say to do so.

I can't wait to see what you do because I love to read about makeovers.