Friday, April 22, 2011

In the Garden

It's starting to get really warm here in Georgia, and I''m hurridly trying to get the gardening done before the temps get any higher.

Here are a few photos I took last week, before "Blogger breakdown".

Here's my little "Miss Kim" lilac. She's about 4 ft. high and wide and has bloomed herself silly this year. She sulked for the last two years, but this year she's really showing off.

Here's the blazing-hot-in-the-summer deck. This is part of the upstairs/downstairs of my house.
The grey part at the bottom is the granite outcropping that runs all behind and under the house.

George Tabor azalea, my favorite.

Chinese fringe tree, a native in our area.

Shrub rose, whose name I've forgotten.

Oak leaf hydrangea about to bloom.

The tool shed  has a little veggie garden started in front. I'll show you more of that as it progresses.

I'm hurrying to get this posted before the photos disappear. I'm using a different server/browser (?) and so far the previews are showing photos.
 Cross your fingers that this is a answer to the problem.
Thank all of you for your  encouragement. I really appreciate it.
 Hugs to all of you and thanks for stopping by.


Sarah said...

Babs, I'd love to spend time in your garden. "Miss Kim" is gorgeous. I need to see if I could grow a lilac bush here. How long will she bloom? My oak leaf hydrangeas are in bloom. They are one of my favorite plants. Always dependable! The granite outcropping is a nice feature. It's wonderful to have a natural feature like that.
Glad your photos are here for all of us to enjoy. Blogger can be so frustrating sometimes. At the moment my background is doing strange things. It's only in the top part of my screen as I scroll through my blog.
Happy Easter! ~ Sarah

Pat said...

Beautiful yard photos, look forward to seeing more. Cute little garden cottage!


On Crooked Creek said...

Lovely garden blooms. Ah~h~h . . .the freshness of Spring! So glad you were able to share this with us!