Friday, June 17, 2011

Garden Finials

I hadn't planned on going thrifting this morning because I wanted to work on a post for a giveaway I'm having. More about that later.
But I decided I'd just run by Goodwill since it's close to my house.
Hardly anyone was in there and I took a brief look around and turned to leave when I saw these!

A pair of them just sitting there. I thought they might be terracotta or concrete but no... CAST IRON!!

Can you believe it?
Cast iron, 22 inches tall and only $4.54 each!!

All they need is a good scrub and a coat of black satin paint. Did I win the prize or what? 
Now all I need is a new door mat... don't look at that ratty old thing. :)
Back to the giveaway. 
Here's a little hint.
                                 Goodie bag, kitchen, rooster, yummy.

Here's the goodie bag. lol
I'll show you what's in it next week.
Be sure to stop back to see what's inside and enter the giveaway. 

I'm dashing over to The Thrifty Groove for Thrifty Things Friday.

See you there and pass the word to watch for the giveaway on my blog.

The Thrifty Groove


Sarah said...

Babs, you Atlanta girls have the BEST Goodwill shopping in the country. These are indeed a fabulous find. Amazing! So glad you stopped in and found these. They have a great home and are perfect for your steps.
Enjoy the weekend. ~ Sarah

Karen said...

Those are absolutely gorgeous, and for $10! Wow! I am jealous. Glad someone that appreciates them found them though. Enjoy!

Lynn said...

The finials look great and what a good price, congrats:@)

Richard Cottrell said...

I never find any thing at my Goodwill except baby cloths with stains all over them or old TV sets. I want a better GOODWILL! You really got a good find. Thanks for sharing. Richard at My Old Historic House

On Crooked Creek said...

The Irish would say "Luck 'o the Day"! A perfect accent to your stairs and railing! Thanks for sharing!

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Babs, you hit the jackpot !!
There is nothing I love more than pineapple finials in the garden, such a welcoming and timeless ornament.
Woohoo !

Marigene said...

WOW, you hit pay dirt, Babs...I have said right along that I need to go to Georgia to shop Goodwill!

Ann from On Sutton Place said...

I was just in my Goodwill and left empty-handed. You get the prize of the day for the best purchase! I sure hope someone helped you load them in your car since they are cast iron...I just got the cutest new door mat from Garnet Hill. You might find one you like...hope your weekend is off to a great start!

Blondie's Journal said...

I am in LOVE! I never score deals like this. They really are beautiful! Well done!

Your giveaway sounds like fun...I'm having one, too, so stop by!


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

WOW! I think you got the best deal of the week! Incredible! ♥

Tablescapes By Diane said...

Hi lovely lady. I also love the Goodwill!!! You did good sweet lady. Thanks so much for your lovely comments on my new Tablescapes. I hope you have a Great Weekend.
XXOO Diane

Debbiedoos said...

Now that's a deal! They are so pretty too. Have a great weekend. Thanks for popping over at my blog, I appreciate your visit.

Pattie @ Olla-Podrida said...

What a fabulous find! Honestly I'm going to have to try new thrift shops because all I ever find are ratty clothes and chipped dishes. These look great.

Beverly@southernhomesweethome said...

Wow, Wow, Wow! I think that is one of the best deals I have seen from thrifting. They are perfect for the area you put them. What a great Goodwill.

Honey at 2805 said...

That was a real buy, Babs! Congrats to you. Many bloggers have Goodwill "Boutiques" while mine is simply the Goodwill "Junque".

Have a great weekend!

Mom Daughter Style said...

great finds, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. im your new follower

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

you hit the jackpot! amazing find, lucky girl!

Diann said...

OMG! Those are amazing and what a fantastic price! You were meant to go and snatch these up! Great finds. thank you for joining TTF and have a fun weekend!

Sue said...

OMGee- I am so jealous, Babs!!! You liked my plants- I love your finials!! What an amazing bargain, you lucky girl.
hugs, Sue

Anonymous said...

Girl, you seriously won the prize this week - those things are awesome! They look fantastic on your brick entry and who knew you had a rug out there - no one is looking at that, trust me people will be stopping in front of your house to look at those gorgeous pineapples! Just kidding, but really they are incredible, and you're a woman after my own heart - thrifting all the way! I'll be back to see what else you come up - thanks for sharing.

Mary @ Redo 101

Debbie said...

Oh my goodness, you DID hit the jackpot. I love them. I would love the look even if they weren't iron. What a bonus that they are.