Sunday, August 28, 2011

More Wednesday Thrif-tiques

I'm so glad that Hurricane Irene is pretty much over, and it was downgraded to a tropical storm. I hope all of y'all are safe, and you didn't have too much damage.
I'm also thankful that God kept our son and his family safe. They live very near Atlantic City, and were without power from 8:30 last night to 6:30 this morning. Thankfully, they had no damage to their home.
My three-year-old grandson was a bit concerned when the lights went out, but he got his very own flashlight to play with and was fine with that. The baby slept through it all, of course.

Here are a couple of things I didn't get to show you on my last post. All of these are from local antique malls.

I couldn't pass up this Avon Scenes Palissy creamer. It's from the same shop where I got the Mason's ming jar.
It's holding sweetgum balls from my friend's yard.
I have a thing for sweetgum balls and pinecones...go figure.

An English pudding mold...I think this is from the 1930s.

...and an antler. 
Behind it is a framed print I got at a yard sale a couple of weeks ago for $1.50.

They're on one of the shelves in my secretary. I'll show you the secretary another time... but now I'd like to show you the vintage game board I found.

The tag on it said it's a skee ball game board. I've never played skee ball, but I like its vintage.

I bought some wooden balls at Michael's so we can play. I rubbed the balls with lemon oil, hoping they'll darken to look more vintage...maybe another coat? What do ya think?

I set some games up on the coffee table and a couple of non-healthy snacks. Shame on me. :)

Football season has started, and I'm stocking up...Go Dawgs!

I won't be able to join in all the fun parties this week, because I'm taking a short, fun bloggy break.
Tell you all about it on my next post.
Thanks for stopping by. 


ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

WOW Babs more great finds!! Love the creamer and English bowl and that hunt scene print is fabulous! Can't wait to see how you displayed them on your secretary! Glad to here your son and his family are all safe and no damage was done. Enjoy your week, Martina

Beverly@southernhomesweethome said...

Babs I love your board. What a great idea the balls were. Such a pretty groupof finds. Have a great week off.

Meredith said...

You find the best stuff!!! I love your Blue Willow mold. so cute!

Sarah said...

Babs, glad to hear your son and family are safe. I worried most of the night about all on the east coast.
Great finds! I've never heard of that game. How do you play? You could wax the balls with a stain wax.
I like each one of your finds. You hit the jackpot!
Have fun on your break. ~ Sarah

afternoon tea said...

I'm glad the storm didn't affect you much, I can imagine it's a huge relief.

Excellent finds! I especially love that little gold framed print. That's one thing I rarely see at any of the sales around here.

On Crooked Creek said...

Thank heavens you and your family are safe from Irene's wrath! On the Prairie, we live with the constant threat of Tornados March through October...but not Hurricanes. Your thrifty finds are so exquisite...and yes another coat of oil! They are looking good. EnJOY your blogging break! See you soon, dear friend!

Marigene said...

Babs, you found some wonderful favorite is the little creamer, I am a sucker for transferware.

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Babs, I love your yard sale hunt scene. I went and looked at the antlers, but didn't buy any. They were smaller than I was hoping.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful finds Babs! You remind me I need to find my grandparents' ivory dominoes, from way back at least 90 years ago!

Alycia Nichols said...

Hi, Babs! Glad, glad, glad to hear your family is safe from the hurricane! I think I heard that 28 people lost their lives and countless others have lost their homes, businesses, etc. I'm glad your family was spared anything too horrible. Looks like you picked up so REALLY cool stuff! You KNOW I'm loving the transferware (the sweet gum balls look great in it!), and that skee ball game is cool! I've never played, either, but it's just fun because of its age. I've got to get to the ironing. Have a really great Monday!

Debbie said...

I saw the Dawg Bars at Walmart. It is that time of year again. It's been a long time since my Dawg Days!

I love all of your treasures, especially the game board. I think I would give it another coat, too.

Enjoy your break!

LindyLouMac said...

Enjoy your break, love all your new finds.

Debra@CommonGround said...

Hi Babs, so glad your family made it thru Irene safe! Love that gravy boat! I've been wandering around your blog for a bit. Loved the post this Spring on your precious white lamby, just added you to my bloglist, xo Debra

xinex said...

I love all your finds, Babs. The game board is very interesting.My favorite is the hunt scene picture....Christine

Anonymous said...

Hi Babs! Glad you're safe and I love your lovely finds! I'm honored you would use my tiny hutch for some inspiration! :)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Southern Fried Gal said...

Great finds! I can't pick a favorite. Thanks for the well wishes. Have fun on your blobby break.

Savannah Granny said...

Great finds. I love the display with the antlers and the tag sale picture.
Have a great get away and have fun.
Hugs, Ginger

Olive said...

The skee ball board is very cool. We like game boards too. They are graphic art to us. Love that first transferware piece too. Enjoy your break♥

Ann from On Sutton Place said...

Hope you are having fun where ever you are! I'm ready for some football too. It all starts Saturday...College Gameday here I come. :o)

Dana Bishop said...

Love it all! You really scored.

Hugs, Dana

Designs on 47th Street said...

Hi Babs, I know others have told you before, but you do find the coolest items at your thrift stores! Oh my! I LOVE your taste...we truly have the same taste it seems in home decor.

What is that piece of tartan plaid behind the gorgeous picture with the antler? I'm loving everything I see.

Hurry home to tell us about your happenings!