Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Random Things~January 13, 2015

My amaryllis finally bloomed...last week! Yay! 

Love it's reflection in the living room mirror. 

I planted it the middle of November. It took it's own sweet time, and it was supposed to be red and white...

...like this. Oh, well. It's pretty, anyway, and makes me smile.

January is the time when I concentrate on our family genealogy. 
Sunday, I sorted old photos, and spent trying to identify anyone I would have known, and putting names on the backs of the photos.
The only one I recognize, in this photo, is my grandfather. He's on the front row, seventh from the left, and wearing a white scarf.
I'm guessing this might have been a church outing.

I passed along some of the old photos on our town's Facebook page. Lots of people responded and we tried to identify some of the photos and, talked about who was related to whom. 
That's my granddaddy, again, in the old car. He's on the left...trying to look important. :)

I found my birds hiding behind some things in the closet. It's funny how things get "lost". I really should be more organized.

This is what it's looked like outside, for the last three days, and this is not a black and white photo. 
I keep singing the song from Little Orphan Annie...the sun will come out tomorrow...

So you see where I've been lately...under a cozy throw. This one is Hubby's. I thought I'd borrow it...mine's in the dryer. That's all for now.
Take care and stay warm. I'm back to work on genealogy. 

xo Babs

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Lady of the Manor said...

Hi, Babs. I've been doing a lot of random things, too. Genealogy hasn't been one of them but something I could do, as well. Our old photos are pretty well labeled now, thanks to my mom and my cousin. So glad you found your birds, I'm envisioning a lovely spring vignette soon! Sometimes we need to slow down and do those little things that we seldom have time to do the rest of the year.

Unknown said...

I knew right away that you must be in Georiga--possibly metro Atlanta because your outside photo could of been taken outside my house. We have been dreary like this for too many days! Can't wait for the sunshine to come back.

Kelly said...

Geneology is always so fascinating to me. I love those old pictures you came across! Yes, the sun has been in hiding way too long. I'm getting anxious for some sunshine. I hear it may visit us this weekend though. Your amaryllis is pretty. I've heard other people find theirs blooming a different color than expected too.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Babs, your Amaryllis is gorgeous! I've been waiting for the sun right along with you!!

Marigene said...

Babs, your "black and white" photo is about how it looks here, too...very depressing. We have only been getting sunshine about 1 in 10 days. At least we are slowly warming up, to be in the low 50°'s by the weekend.
Enjoyed all your photos...love the fashions of yesteryear.
Have a wonderful week.

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

The amaryllis is beautiful! I love the photo of your grandfather in the old car.
Stay warm and the sun will come out tomorrow or someday soon

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

Love your amaryllis...looks like they got the labels mixed up...but the red is so very pretty!...so great that you are spending the time to work on your family genealogy .. those are really great pictures!

Sarah said...

Beautiful too! Mine have yet to bloom. I waited so long to get them planted that they are likely never going to bloom. Totally my fault.
Thanks for sharing, Babs.

Pat said...

Your grandfather was a handsome lad, dear friend!!! Thanks for sharing!!!
I adore your bird figurine!!!
Your husband's throw looks mighty inviting!!!
Sending you some of our glorious sunshine and warm temps. . .we're in the low 50's today!!!

Ivy and Elephants said...

You are so lucky to have such great family photos, my sister and I are working on our family as well. We've kinda hit a wall, but are still trying.
Stay warm!

Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

Hi Babs, I liked your bit of randomness. My Amaryllis just finished blooming. I think we planted them at the same time. I remember you showing yours and me thinking that I had bought a red and white one also. Mine was red and white and gorgeous! Yours is beautiful, and while it was slower; you are enjoying yours after mine is long gone. It has actually warmed up and been quite nice here the last few days. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

Sunflowers With Smiles said...

Love the Amaryllis. So neat that you are working on you genealogy. Love the photos too!